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About EduBana

EduBana is an On-line education program of EduBana Limited, aligned with National Curriculum helping children aged 6 years to 16 years old to acquire sound knowledge and skills in English, Maths and Science.

EduBana was conceived in London in 2010 when the founder of Bana-Tutors experienced the wider need of quality and result-oriented teaching/coaching to empower children with knowledge and develop Can-Do attitude.

We can help children to develop their learning skills and exceed expectations with our repetative topic based worksheet combined with Test (assessment) module.

We are proud to claim that EduBana is designed to cater for the needs of Global-students.

Edubana children school

Welcome to EduBana!
We look forward to educate & train young Learners!

We beleive that the Knowledge knows NO-boundary and every Learner has tremendous hidden potential waiting to be materialised.

We aim to empower Global-community if young-learner with knowledge and Can-do attitude so that they are ever-ready to take on to new challanges with rational approach.

Our History

Edubana History

We at Bana Education, beleives that Learning is a constatnt process and should never stops.

More the learners practise, the sharper their skills become.

Hence, EduBana is designed to keep the basic "mantra" of learning in centre of learing-process.

The entire syllabous is supported by Learnenrs' engagement with reading, audio/video media and practiice-questions.


The birth year of Bana-tutors in South London to support the young students of age-group 6 Years - 16 Years in a traditional class-room style setting. We became very known in Thornton-Heath and surrounding area in a short span of 6 months.


The idea of eLeaning (EduBana) started buzzing for the purpose of reaching out to other areas of London but went into hybernation mode after 2 years of intense efforts.


EduBana began resurfacing with the emergence of various eCommerce business on the back of strong and stable internet infrastructure revolution.


The work started in July-2020 to build technical platform to suit the idea of EduBana though Covid-19 related lockdown disrupted the work-schedule, our dedicated IT-team continued to deliver the commitment.


EduBana (KS2-English) is scheduled for launch by
End of May-2022.

Our Team

A Brief introduction of the team EduBana.



Dev Parashar

Founder, Managing Director,
Course Director (KS2/KS3)


Bobby Parashar

Founder, Course Director (KS1)

Joy Kalombo

Course Director (KS3/KS4/GCSE)


Prodyot Roy

Project Director


Daniel A. Quaye

P.R. Director (Non Exec.)


Neeti  Patel

Course Co-ordinator (GCSE-English)

Sarah Francis

Course Co-ordinator (KS1)


Co-ordinator (Media/Content)

Abhishek Parashar

Data Maintenance

Arjun Parashar