GCSE SYLLABUS | Get Started for free | EDUBANA

GCSE SYLLABUS | Get Started for free | EDUBANA

GCSE SYLLABUS | Get Started for free | EDUBANA

GCSE SYLLABUS | English, Math & Science | EDUBANA

The young learners learn, practise and test their skills developed with EduBana-English, Maths and Science program powered by automated marking and weekly reporting of their progrress to Guardian/Parent.

EduBana's English, Maths and Science exercices are aligned with National-curriculum so that learners' progress can be visible in School (class) throughout the year.

The study program is designed to guide sutdents/learners to build their knowledge and skills by covering the Year 10/GCSE syllabus (National Curriculum) .

Maths - Grade 5

  1. Area and Volume of Compund Shape
  2. Algebra: Indices
  3. Algebra:- Equations & Inequalitis, Expressions
  4. Algebra: Problem Solving, Sequence & Terms
  5. Geometry: Angles, Co-ordinates and Shapes
  6. Trigonometry:  Compound Shape
  7. Square/Cube Roots and Place Value
  8. Indicies: Multiple and Division
  9. Standard Form of Numbers
  10. Ratio, Proportion and Probability

English - Grade 3/4

  1. Revision: Parts Of Speech and Punctuation
  2. Critical Text-Analysis and Comparison
  3. Creative Writing: Auto-biography, Adventurous and Imaginative
  4. Character Awareness
  5. Inference and Evidence
  6. Comprehension: Fiction & Non-Fiction
  7. Comprehension: Poem

Science - Biology

  1. Interactions and Interdependencies
  2. Photosynthesis
  3. Structure and Function of Living-organism
  4. Health: Drug, Medicines and Body
  5. Health: Effect of Alcohol

Science - Chemistry

  1. Particle Model
  2. Chemical Formulae and Equation
  3. Chemical Reaction of Acids and Alkalis
  4. Chemical Reaction of Acids and Metals
  5. Types of Chemical Reaction
  6. Displacement Reaction
  7. Exothermic and Endothermic Reaction
  8. Human Activity and Climate
  9. Hydrocarbon: Alkanes, ALkenes and Polymers
  10. Metal & Non-metal Oxides

Science - Physics

  1. Heat, Light and Sound
  2. Waves: Sound and Light
  3. Cost of Energy Calculation
  4. Energy Tranger and Changes
  5. Electricity and Magnetism
  6. Energy and Fuels
  7. Solar System
  8. Radio Active materials and Radioactive Waves