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Overview of KS1 & KS2 (Year 2 - Year 6)

This is an important step of the educational journey of "young-learners". We have designed and conceptualised each step very carefully so that the learners can build their understanding of the steps they are taking into the world of Education.

The learners learn and practise the fundamentals of the topic and practise to build their understanding of the topics while continuing their journey to master the topic and the subject.

The program is fucused on various dimensions of English Subject such as Building Vocabulary bank, Comprehensions & Grammar (Noun, Pronoun, Adverb, Adjective, Preposition, Active/Passive Voice & Direct/Indirect Speech) to enable the learners to be able develope deeper knowledge of the subject.

11+ Exam Preparation

Our specific program supports students to acquire the skills equavalent to Grade5 in Ennglish and Grade6 in Maths.

The programm support students to develop skills to wokrout the problems in timely manner.

Overview of KS3 (Year 7 - Year 9)

The young students often find themselves junior most in their progression of early TEEN stage. From being spoon-fed in KS2, in this transit period they find themselves into world of Young-Adults where expectations are often higher than they could manage.

EduBana helps them out from such wilderness (state of confusion) into the structured approach so that they do not lose out on time while they continue ttheir journey of figurining out their position in the society.

The program is focused on various dimensions of English language, Physics, Chemistry & Biology.

The learners of Year-9 will be able to upgrade to study Economics, Business-Study, Computer Science etc.

Overview of KS4/GCSE (Year 10 & Year 11)

KS4/GCSE stduents are more matured than their KS3-stage and need to practise more and more to grasp their subjects to the point where they are always ready to be assessed and demonstrate their skills to help their teachers/tutors to draft best framework to materialise their potential.

EduBana focus more onto the Core-subjects of GCSE which then are likely to become supportive subjects in students' journey to further academic ambition or professional ambition.

While working to improve their subject knowlege, the learners will be able to practise the Mock Exams of Science, Maths, English, Economics, Business-Study etc to enhance their skill for better grades.